1. Step 1: Comprehensive Assessment
    A comprehensive assessment of your sales team including your sales and sales management systems, processes, tools and people. We look deep into your company's ability to grow and will present the assessment findings, a detailed plan of action, the investment required and the expected ROI when the plan is implemented. Use the "Contact Page" to request a sample
  2. Step 2: Growth Plan
    We will form a "Growth Team" of key employees that will help develop a "Growth Plan" and take a leadership role in its implementation.
  3. Step 3: Systems, Processes and Skills
    This is where we implement all the recommendations from the assessment. We will work with your team to ensure they have the systems, processes, tools, incentives and skills to implement the growth plan and reach their individual and company sales goals.
  4. Step 4: On-going Training, Coaching and Process Improvement
    Change and progress take time. Even the most motivated and committed team will take time to develop and utilize new systems, processes and skills. We are there to help encourage, coach and inspire your team to new hieghts.
  5. Step 5: Reassessment
    Now that we have been working together for 12-18 months it's time to reassess where we are using the same Comprehensive Sales Assessment tool we started with. This will tell us what progress we have made, what still needs attention and what we can do next to take sales to an all-time level.
If you are like most CEO’s or business owners you have made past investments in the hopes of driving sales growth. Improved systems, processes and skill training only to be frustrated by the lack of tangible results. Watch Mike Zaruba’s video and learn why and more importantly what you can do to change your results moving forward.