Written Client Testimonials
I wanted to thank you for your service to VibrAlign, Inc. Your personal commitment to helping us grow our business was above and beyond the call of duty. Before we engaged you, we were struggling to grow our sales. Now, our sales management team is focused on those things that really matter. We have developed performance standards and reviews, we are more professional, our sales people have new sales skills and our sales GREW significantly in 2013. I would recommend you to anyone interested in re-energizing their sales team. Feel free to have any new prospects for your services call me.
 David Zdrojewski
CEO at VibrAlign, Inc.

I highly recommend Mike Zaruba as a sales coach/trainer. In my experience, he stands above the crowd. 

I have been a successful sales professional with a proven track record. I wasn’t very excited when I was told we would be doing more sales training. After all, I was already successful and had decided it would be a huge waste of my time. I thought I needed to be out selling, not sitting in a room listening to someone talk in generalities about sales. I had been through other, highly recognized, classes that did just that. I wasn’t interested in doing more of the same. 
Well I was wrong! You can teach an old dog new tricks. From the beginning it was obvious this was different. Mike does his homework. He took the time to learn our business and understand our particular challenges. He taught me a more effective way of asking questions that put our clients at ease. Our discussions revolved around the challenges we face using the terminology that we use in our business. He teaches excellent engaging classes. While the classes are great the mentorship and follow up is even more important. We had ongoing discussions about specific sales situations and he always provided unique and valuable insight. I learned successful approaches that I now use on a regular basis. Mike provides coaching that is pertinent and sustainable. I am certainly better at my craft than I was before and the results are tangible in increased sales and more successful clients. 
 Michael Keohane 
Sales Engineer, VibrAlign, Inc

I have worked with Mike at two different companies in two entirely different industries. Mike developed and delivered world class sales training at one company for an outside sales team and at another company for an inside telesales team. On both ocassions the training was highly successful and brought significant results to each sales team. I would hire Mike again to work with other sales teams!
Dave Perry
VP of Sales, US Concrete

Mike is a VERY dynamic speaker and a great sales, and sales manager trainer. He has worked with both small and very large organizations and I would recomend Mike without reservation--he is a true professional !
 Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D.
CEO at global Data and Owner, Global Data

I'v'e know Mike for over 12 years and work with him on many projects regarding his clients. If you want to grow you business, get your sales organization more effective in the your marketplace, look no further than Mike to be your trusted advisor, to solve your issues and get your business to the next level generating more profits, more martket share and obviously more growth. There is none better!
Ed Kleinman
Author, Joint Venture...A Backstage Rock and Roll Journey, Executive Business Coach/Business Development Strategist

I highly recommend Mike as a sales trainer and professional coach. Early in my sales career, Mike made a significant impact on my selling style and how I approach the sales profession. He trained me in his sales process and coached me on specific sales opportunities that I was pursuing, which was key to winning some large contracts over the years.
Michael Frederick
Account Executive - Healthcare, at

I've known and worked with Mike for many years and continue to be impressed with his depth of knowledge, his thoughtful process and the insight his services provide.
Jerry Tabeling
IDP, LLC - cybersecurity

Mike truly is an expert in understanding the sales process and has been a great resource to not only train our sales staff but also in developing tools to measure improved performance. His methodologies have enabled us to gain share and improve profitability while strengthening customer relationships even in a down market. The customizable approach makes perfect sense whether you need a complete overhaul of your sales process or just need to focus on a specific area.
 Pat Strader

I met Mike in the mid 1990's when our sales organization needed direction and a consistent approach. Mike's expertise was just what we needed to focus our organization and take advantage of growing opportunities within our business. We still talk in the language that Mike taught us many years ago and follow the process he introduced back then. 
 Michael Philipps
Vice President - Market Development at CEMEX

I attended some of Mike’s courses in 2005-06 as a part of sales training. It was a truly eye-opening experience as to how salesmen appear to their customers and how to overcome automatic defenses. He broke down the sales process into a simple step-by-step procedure. On top of being informative and educational, he was also entertaining. I would recommend Mike for any company’s training or motivational needs.
 Michael Biagini
Vice President at Scherer Construction

Fixturlaser Canada and Services Techniques has been working with Entrequest, and more specifically with Mike Zaruba since January 2013. As a sales team, Mike has helped us regroup, refocussing on the important things to help our company grow. Additionally, we received some valuable sales coaching in order to attain our goals. As for myself, Mike has helped me in my tasks as a sales manager, by giving me techniques and ways to better coach and handle different issues within a sales organisation. I feel that we are now much better organized, structured and focused, allowing us to take our company to the next level. I credit Mike and his energy during coaching sessions, for a new, much more positive attitude and upbeat atmosphere in our team.
 Nathalie Drouin
President at STCD

It is with great pleasure that I highlight and recommend Mike Zaruba. He worked with my company in the capacity of an outsourced vice president of sales, sales coach and sales trainer. In these roles, Mike consistently showed versatility in working with multiple corporate clients in multiple industries, simultaneously. I believe that Mike's passion, drive and focus would make a significant contribution to the culture of any company. 

In terms of his personal attributes, Mike was very loyal to our entire team and always willing to help where necessary. He routinely made sure no task was left incomplete. Mike's thoughtfulness provided a refreshing addition to every conversation. 
All-around, Mike is a AWESOME person.
 Joe Mechlinski
Advisory Board Member at Betamore

Working with Mike over the past year has been a terrific learning experience. I have never met someone with such an astute eye for sales. His techniques and recommendations help sales teams to get past even the most challenging roadblocks and he truly knows how to evoke the greatest amount of success through his innovative methods. If you feel like your team is under performing, or simply not getting the best results from your market, Mike is the answer.
Jes Geoffroy
Director of Client Success at Vocoli, The Digital Suggestion Box & Innovation Platform

Mike was able to teach the sales force many techniques for qualifying leads, overcoming customer objections and ultimately closing the sale in a very effecient and timely manner.
Larry Mcginnis
Director sales finance at United Capital Business 

Mike is a professional's professional. He is always focused on what is best for his clients and how to provide information in the most effective way. 
Working with Mike will make you and your company more successful.
Skip Merritt
Owner, Sales Growth Dynamics and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Mike's hands on training and the tools utilized provided a noticeable improvement in the skills of our sales force as well as the caliber of any new sales people we brought into our organization.
Patrick O'Connell
Director of Human Resources at CEMEX

I first met Mike as a salesperson for a different company in a different industry. I thought I knew what I needed to know about selling simply because I considered myself good with people and I knew my product. Mike taught me that selling was a process, not good or bad luck.

Sales opportunities can be created through the process of understanding what true leverage is, and how anyone can create it if he studies his customer. I hired Mike 10 years later when I became President of the company where I am today. Like all sales training, you get out of Mike's teachings what you're willing to instill in your people as a management team.

I recommend Mike's teachings to any company with a small or large sales force. Gaining market share in today's economy is essential and Mike knows how to teach your sales staff how to uncover the opportunity.
 Glenn Prillaman
President & CEO at Stanley Furniture Company

I met Mike in the mid 1990's when our sales organization needed direction and a consistent approach. Mike's expertise was just what we needed to focus our organization and take advantage of growing opportunities within our business. We still talk in the language that Mike taught us many years ago and follow the process he introduced back then. 
Michael Philipps
Vice President - Market Development at CEMEX

I have utilized Mike on numerous occassions for Sales and Business issues. In each instance Mike has proven to be a great resource for strategy, training, and insight. His efforts have consistently and directly improved our business results. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who is currently disappointed with their sales performance. He will train, coach, and support your sales teams to a higher standard of success.
Richard (Rick) Edwards
President - Southern Concrete Group at Vulcan Materials Company