For over 20 years Mike Zaruba has worked with some of the most successful companies in the world to help define their sales strategies, upgrade their sales effectiveness, sell their products and services at a premium, gain market share and meet ever increasing revenue and profitability goals by 100's of millions os dollars!

Mike is an accomplished Business Owner, Sales Executive, Consultant,                     Sales Growth Expert and Sales Trainer with a 24 year proven track record of helping companies meet and exceed their growth goals. Highly skilled at developing and implementing corporate growth plans through sales leadership, team development, process improvement, enhancing the employee experience and creating a remarkable client experience, thus fostering rapid and sustainable growth.

● Increase Sales Team Effectiveness
● Comprehensive Assessment of all Sales/Sales Management systems, processes, strategies and personnel
● Hire Stonger better sales Managers and Salespeople

●Sales and sales management candidate screening tool for hiring “A” players                (95% indepenent validation with nearly 2,000,000 data points)
● Develop and implementation of customized Growth Plan
● Sales Management Effectiveness Training
● Sales Team Development Training
● Process and Sales Support Systems Improvement
● Develop Performance Metrics
● Incentive plan review
● Increased Sales Team Accountability

Strategy/Debrief Sessions
● Motivational Strategies
● Selling "Value" sales tools and collateral
● More Sales/Better Results!
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